Did you know that moving house is considered one of the most stressful times of life?

Six out of ten people said moving was as stressful as divorce, or a break up. If you are moving because of a break up, the stress can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is best to plan for the move.

Why use a removal company rather than do it yourself?

Compromising on removals can be bad choice in the long run. You can pay dearly by cutting corners, in terms of additional stress, time and angst. Relying on mates doesn’t always work out.

What if they suddenly can’t make it? What if they injure themselves lifting heavy objects because they are not trained in best practice? What if they are off work as a result and then decide to sue you?

What if they break your furniture or a precious object? What if they see the size of the task and back out? Or ask for money? Or the vehicle you’ve hired is too small? Breaks down? Or you overload it and fall foul of the law and that leads to a breach in the insurance?

If you have furniture, including heavy items, or precious pieces of furniture that you want to take care of, for example a piano, using a removal company is simply safer. They have years of experience carefully packing, handling and loading delicate and heavy items. They also have trained staff who know what they are doing and they are insured.

There are many different options depending on your budget and the scale of your move.

For larger households, if you don’t know any local removal companies, or haven’t been given a referral from friends, you can alwys look for the British Association of Removers (BAR).

We’d advise you get at least three quotes and go with the one you feel is best suited to your move, where you have a rapport with the brand rather than the cheapest.
Always, always ask about insurance, in case anything goes wrong, or there are any breakages.

17 things to think about before you move:

Before booking your removal company, declutter your belongings so you know exactly how much you’ll be taking on the move.

• If you declutter, it will cut your costs down, and you won’t be paying to move stuff that you will ultimately throw out once you arrive at your new house.

• Get together a plan for your packing. A room by room checklist of what packing materials you’ll need.

• Create an inventory – helps you ensure you don’t lose things. If your removal company pack for you, they will probably create an inventory anyway.

• Ask your removal company about packaging materials when you get your removal quote.

• Buy bubble wrap, zip tie bags, packaging tape, labels and marker pens. Or if you are going for more sustainable options ask for advice about suitable materials you may already have e.g. blankets or sheets.

• Check your furniture will go through the doors! It is a classic moving day problem. Take measurements.

• Check if a door needs to come off its hinges, or if a window needs to be removed – and are the removal company insured to do those things? A good removal company will include the cost of a recce in their price so they would have those discussions at that time – if you are very clear on what furniture is coming with you (important if you are downsizing).

• Decide where furniture will be going in the new house, so you’re not dithering when you arrive. A good removal company can guide you on this and will help you label boxes so they are put in the right place on arrival.

• Check there are light bulbs in the house before moving in.

• Pack the least used rooms first.

• Label boxes with which room its contents are going to with a brief summary of what is in the box.

• Pack a Survival Box - pack the things you use every day and night in a separate bag and keep this with you at all times. Items such as medicine, face cream, toothbrush, toilet roll, change of clothes, phone chargers etc will all come in handy.

• Photograph wires at the back of your TV, computers etc – any electronic set ups. Stick matching coloured stickers onto speaker cables, to ensure you keep the right set up.

• Update your address with companies, organisations, doctor’s surgeries, dentists two weeks before you move. Divert mail through Royal Mail.

• Put aside any special items you will be taking in your car, so they don’t get mixed in with the packing.

• Set up utilities, such as council tax, gas and home insurance early.

Nine helpful hints for your buyer to make their life easier.

  1. The position of the main stopcock to shut off water
  2. Where the gas and electricity meters are, if not obvious.
  3. Any special cleaning products, for particular surfaces, such as wooden floors.
  4. Information about bin collection days.
  5. Any cans of paint that match walls in the house.
  6. Any instruction manuals or warranties for electrical items.
  7. The names of utility suppliers for energy, broadband and home phone.
  8. Information about the thermostat(s) around the house.
  9. And perhaps a welcome gift with some tips for the area, especially if you know they are new to the community.

But what about moving your business?

Business moves are similar to house moves in terms of packing and booking removals.

However, you also need to consider other factors to reduce business downtime:

• Update your physical address online.
• Try to keep your phone number.
• Sort out communications from the moment you arrive. Ensure phone and internet connections are up and running.
• Health and safety checks – risk assessment for staff and customers.
• Change door locks and consider getting security cameras.
• As with a house move, have an essential box of drinks and snacks. But also, a box of your most important work, on which, you are currently working.
• Make sure everything is backed-up on your IT system.

If you are considering either moving home, or your business, let us help you plan for a stress-free move. Please contact us so we can talk to you about how we can cater for your needs.

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