Are you dreaming of moving abroad after retirement? Ready to leave the 9-5 behind and swap that desk for a deckchair? There are many attractive options when considering emigrating to Europe, and if you are moving from the UK, staying within Europe (even after Brexit) has many benefits over travelling further afield to retire. You'll find many lists of the best places in Europe to retire to, and at Dennis Removals of Swindon, we have lots of experience helping people make a move abroad and here are our favourite five Europen retirement destinations:


retire to portugal 

Portugal has so much to offer for Brits looking to move abroad for retirement. It's still a county that can provide a relatively low cost of living, and it remains accessible enough for foreigners to buy property in Portugal. There are large cosmopolitan cities such as Lisbon or Porto for those looking for more lively retirement options or the picturesque whitewashed cobblestone villages for a more remote retirement location. Portugal's coast is full of long and sandy beaches, and if Golf is your game, then you'll find some of the best golf courses in Europe here. Portugal has a low crime rate, a pleasant climate, friendly people, history, culture, and beautiful sensory.

Sounds good? We think so too. Read more about moving to Portugal here.


retire to france

Retiring to Europe from the UK means you are never too far from friends and family back, and this is just one of the reasons that France makes a great option if you don't want to move too far to retire. The transport links between the UK and France are excellent so you can easily invite guests over to stay or return home for Christmas or other special occasions.

Of course, if you are thinking of retiring to France, you'll no doubt want to take advantage of the amazing food and wine that France is famous for.
The South of France offers a warmer climate than you would find in the UK, not to mention beautiful beaches, towns and ports.

Another great reason to retire to France is its excellent healthcare system, ranked the best in the world by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

We think retiring to France sounds idyllic and if you can find out more about moving abroad to France here.


retire to spain

Spain has historically always been a popular destination for Brits and offers a laid back, affordable destination for retirement.
Depending on where you are looking to live, house prices can be relatively low compared to Britain, especially in places like the Costa del Sol, where many people choose to move to in their retirement.

Many Spanish people speak very good English, which makes moving abroad so much easier when coming from the UK, and you'll be sure to find a network of expats if you are looking to meet other Brit retirees.

You can read more about making the move to Spain here.


retire to malta

Malta is not only a top holiday destination, but it's becoming an increasingly popular place for retiring expats. Malta boasts a beautiful southern Mediterranean landscape which is slightly more rugged than France or Spain. In Malta, the way of life is especially expat-friendly due to English being one of the national languages.

Property prices in Malta tend to be slightly higher than Spain or Portugal but for those looking for a slice of Island life, you will still find some very reasonable property prices when buying your retirement home.

There's a great deal of history and places to explore in Malta, including the two smaller surrounding Islands of Gozo and Comin.

If you like the sound of all this, you can find out more about moving abroad to Malta here.


retire to italy

Italy is well known for its high quality of life, relaxed pace, interesting culture and amazing food and wine, which all make it another top European retirement destination for Brits. All of this, however won't come cheap, and property prices are considerably higher than in many other places in Europe. With beautiful lakes, mountains and stunning coastline, Italy offers a huge variety for those looking for the finer things in life when they retire.

Italians are said to have a longer life expectancy than other European nations, which may be due to a Mediterranean diet full of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables and nuts. The number of people living over the age of 100 has tripled in Italy over the last 15 years, which definitely makes it an ideal retirement destination.

If you are considering retiring to Italy, you can find out more about moving abroad to Italy here.

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